Few really know it but iOS includes numerous unique accessibility features in the market, thanks to them anyone can use an iPhone. These accessibility features are designed for people with physical difficulties and many of them are really useful.

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We already taught you that the minimum brightness could be lowered even more with a simple activity trick and today we bring you another option with which the iPhone or iPad will be able to read what appears on the screen for you.

The iPhone can read for you, so you can activate it

Like all accessibility options, it is necessary to activate them from the iPhone or iPad settings. Once activated this option with a simple gesture you can start reading the screen.


First of all, these are the steps you must follow to activate it:

  • We go to Settings> General> Accessibility .
  • Now we enter the Read section.
  • Activate the Read screen option.
  • We can also activate step by step Read selection.

Once we have activated these options, the read function will be available. If we have activated Read selection, just select a text and click on the new button that appears called Read. If you want the iPhone or the iPad to read all the text that is on our screen you just have to slide with two fingers together down from the top of the screen.


As we see the “Read Screen” function start, several buttons appear inside a panel, this is its meaning:

  • The “<” button minimizes this panel on one side.
  • The “x” button closes the control panel.
  • We have the classic three buttons to rewind, pause and accelerate.
  • And then we have a turtle and a hare, depending on which one we press the speed of the reading will be slower or faster.

Reading the screen is a very interesting option, especially if you have difficulty seeing what is written on your iPhone or iPad. An incredible feature is available to everyone.

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