Chromecast is a small streaming device developed by Google that connects your TV to the Internet. It connects to the HDMI port of the TV and has the ability to receive data from equipment connected to the same Wi-Fi network (smartphones, tablets and computers) & even you can use chromecast without wifi as well. Through Chromecast you can send to your big screen YouTube videos, Netflix and Facebook, Spotify music and content of the numerous apps and services compatible entertainment. It is even possible to transmit local content.

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How To Install and Configure Chromecast

To install a Chromecast, connect it to an HDMI input on the TV. Next, you have to connect it to a USB port on the TV to power it. If your TV does not have a USB port, connect it to an external power source using the charger.


Once the Chromecast is connected to the TV, you will need to configure it. This device can be configured from the PC and also from any iOS or Android terminal.

To get the precise details on how to set up Chromecast from a PC, read the following post, which explains the steps to make Chromecast work for the first time.


If you decide to configure your Chromecast from an iOS or Android terminal, you must download and run the corresponding applications. Below, the download links for iOS and Android respectively: Google Home for iOS, Google Home for Android. The steps to follow are very similar to the PC method.

How To Stream Content To The Chromecast

Chromecast does not work independently. To transmit content and be able to appreciate it on the TV screen, it is necessary to use a compatible multimedia application or program.


How To View A Web Page Or Send a YouTube Video To Chromecast

Thanks to the Chromecast it is possible to send the content of a Chrome browser tab and your favourite YouTube videos to the TV. Likewise, it is possible to transmit content from mobile applications with support for Chromecast. For this, it is only necessary to press the transmit button located in the upper right part of the browser screen or compatible mobile application.


How to send music, videos and photos from your PC to the Chromecast

To send the multimedia content hosted on your PC to a Chromecast, you must use it in combination with the Plex Media Server program. This tool turns your PC into a multimedia content server within the local network and has the advantage of being compatible with Chromecast.

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